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04.02.2021 By Renee Austin, Head of Corporate and Eddie Garrett, EVP, Insights Lead

Hunting for Humanity in Modern Communications.

Group of 4 people eating outside and raising glasses. There are 2 women and a man to the right facing the camera, and a man with his back to the camera on the left. They are multi generational.

For years now, it has become apparent that traditional agency models are broken. This has led to some self-reflection by entire industries on how best to describe themselves and, by extension, their core value proposition. And while the articulations have changed, the problem persists

That’s because the changes were only in “pictures and words.” The invisible scaffolding that directs and supports traditional models were still present and quickly became visible this past year as 2020 accelerated and highlighted the fact that typical approaches and solutions were no longer effective.

Through a global health crisis, damaged economies and polarizing social and political unrest, we saw trust fall. Fears rise. And people desperately looking for leadership.

Society is turning to businesses and executives to rise to the occasion and address some of the biggest threats to our world. ​ They want less talk. Fewer promises. More action. Real connections. Lasting impact.

At Current Global, we did some soul searching of our own. We took a long look at what we do and what today’s clients need. We refreshed our mission, vision, and values. And we evolved our approach to how we help address these problems for our clients to ultimately drive value.

Because ideas and solutions should be determined by the nature of the business challenge and not by the internal resources of the agency. That’s why we put humanity at the heart of everything we do, from our internal culture to the way we help clients understand that people want to connect with brands as real and human as they are.

​Our belief that communications is fundamentally a human endeavor informs our thinking and point of view on integrated campaigns – and for that matter – modern communications. And it is this belief that gives direction to our proposition at Current, which is we influence behavior where real life happens — in the moment. 

We believe it’s in these moments where real connections can be made.  Where a story well told can resonate, engage, and help form a meaningful relationship. And it’s through these relationships where value is created and growth happens.

We call this approach, Human Communications by Design.

Graphic that shows Current Global's approach. It is devised of 4 segments.

It requires a deep understanding of human behavior, a clear articulation of the soul of an organization and immersion into the contexts of culture. Most importantly, it requires human connection.

So, we begin — as the name suggests — with people. We put real people in the center as they ultimately drive our decision making.

In this evolving era of connection and communication – where we see unprecedented dialogue between brands, organizations, consumers and stakeholders – the organizations outperforming in the market are those who have a strong sense of purpose, understand their relationship to the world around them, and have the ability to act accordingly.

For us at Current Global, we think that starts with real people, real moments, and strong relationships. Human Communications by Design.

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